Our first photo together

                                                                about us


Kara (on the right) is from Boston, MA and couldn’t be more proud. She comes from a wonderful Irish family and is the oldest of three kids who shaped her into the Bud Light drinkin’ chicken parm eatin’ sports fanatic she is today. Kara is very athletic and grew up playing sports, excelling in field hockey and ice hockey which gave her street cred with the neighborhood boys and helped keep her brothers in line. Though she may still try to be a tough cookie, the reality is that she is kind, incredibly thoughtful, creative and as my dad said in his speech on our wedding day, “lights up room when she walks into it.” 

Kara has a background teaching special education while she lived in MA but joined a sales team at an education technology company when we moved to Austin, TX in 2018. She claims not to be much of a saleswoman but has done darn well for herself because of how much she cares and believes in a product that can help students learn in innovative ways. Needless to say, she loves kids, especially the wild ones. 

Fun Facts: Kara often cries while watching excerpts of America’s Got Talent or laughs hysterically at youtube videos of parents pranking their kids. 


That’s me on the left. In my first online dating profile I set my description as “a drinkin’ Irish and eatin’ Italian”. Man, did I think that was clever at the time… Anywho, I come from a big Irish/Italian family and am the second oldest of six kids. We are all super close and when I’m in the mood to chat, I just work my way through the rotation. I’m also close with my parents. I’ve got a quiet and kind demeanor like my dad and love hard like my mom.  

I am originally from Scranton, PA, home of The Office, but went to college and spent most of my adult life in Boston, where I met Kara. I too love all Boston sports but never drank much Bud Light until I met her. I’ve always been more of a red wine gal myself. 

I grew up with seasons but was beaten and broken by the record breaking New England winter of 2015. Turns out 108.6 inches of snow is what it took for me to start planning my escape. We moved to Austin, TX in 2018 for a change of pace and warmer weather. For the first time in my life I can say that I love winter. 

Fun Facts: I didn’t smile with my teeth showing until I was in high school and I will sing Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” with full gusto anytime anywhere. RIP, WH. 

Together at last

We met online in Boston in August 2017. We got engaged one year to the day later then bought a house and moved to Austin, TX in October 2018. Since that wasn’t enough, we adopted Darla, our miniature long haired dachshund who has her own instagram account @twogirlsandawiener and got married on September 21, 2019 (inspired by my favorite song “September” by Earth Wind and Fire... "baa dee yaaa"). 

After a two year whirlwind of life events, we decided to settle into life in Texas and what better way to really settle in than to have a baby??