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10. Kitty Kat, you're on mute!

Ladies and gents, it's time for the gender reveal!

I originally thought I'd want to keep the gender of the baby a surprise but Kara really wanted to know. Since she is carrying this time around, it only makes sense to do things her way. Both Kara and I thought it would be a girl, although I'm not quite sure why. Kara was so interested in what other folks thought too so she took a poll among family and friends that knew we were pregnant and the results were perfectly split 50/50.

We were surprised to learn that you can find out the sex of the baby as early as 9 weeks through a blood test. At 10 weeks, we asked our doctor to order the Natera panorama test. This is a blood-based genetic, prenatal screening that assesses the baby's risk for common chromosomal conditions and identifies the sex. Once Kara gave blood, the results usually take about 10 days. We couldn't plan the exact day we'd receive the results, but we knew that we wanted share the experience with our families. Because of the pandemic and not being able to travel, we haven't seen many of our family members in person at all this year. It's been really tough! But we wouldn't let that stop us from sharing the moment with them. We asked our good friends (Aly and Joy) who live across the street to help us coordinate a gender reveal with our family over a Zoom video call. When the results came in, we'd have them look first and order a gender reveal balloon that we would pop with everyone present on a video call.

The results took a little longer than expected and we started getting antsy. I'm almost embarrassed to admit that our desire to know grew exponentially in just a few days. As soon as the results were available, we called Aly and Joy to come over. They looked at the results then left immediately so they didn't accidentally spill the beans. We texted our family members to let them know we'd be sending a Zoom invite in a few hours.

I have no idea how we pulled this off so quickly but somehow all but one of our immediate family members were able to make the call. Oddly enough, getting everyone to join the call was the easy part. Managing Kitty Kat's poor internet connection was another.

Screenshot of our family zoom call.

Having this rowdy group together in one room is an experience in itself. Trying to coordinate everyone on a video call when Kara's parents had difficulty with their wifi connection was next level chaos. Folks are talking over one another, saying hello, catching up, asking questions, and eating dinner while sitting near wind chimes... I'm not joking. Also, some folks were new to the Zoom application. So even when there was a good connection, someone's video would be off while another person would be mute. We finally decided just to have Kara's parents call her phone so we can pop that balloon!!

After TWO countdown attempts, we found out...

It's a boy!

Our good friends Aly, Joy and Luke were there to capture the moment and confirm that the confetti was the right color. We were absolutely shocked but overjoyed to know we can look forward to having a little baby boy. My brother-in-law was quick to acknowledge that the instagram account @twogirlsandawiener that we started for Darla will still apply. All good things to come from this little man we can't wait to meet in a few months!

Lil Sprout January 2021!

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