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5. and the donor of our dreams is...

Updated: Jul 19, 2020


Yup, that's right! We found the donor that checked all of our boxes but no vials were available. When we were ready to purchase vials, we received the Alert below.

As you can see, the alert indicated that they expect more vials available in the future so that left us with a little bit of hope. This guy has all the criteria we want so we needed to figure out if we could use this donor or consider another.

I called the Cryobank to see when more IUI vials would be available. I spoke with a customer care representative and asked him what the process was. Well, actually, I asked if he could call the donor, let him know that folks are interested in using his sperm, and have him come in for another "collection". The representative paused at my ignorant assumption then responded, “that’s not how it works at all, ma’am.”

The representative explained that IUI vials of sperm go through a thorough process to be washed and that vials are available at different times. He looked up the donor we wanted and told me that they expected more at the end of the month and that there was a waiting list of folks interested in him. Turns out, the guy we wanted was in high demand.

I planned to keep checking the site to see when the vials were available but Kara wouldn't settle for that approach. She REALLY wanted this donor. So she called the Cryobank back the next day and spoke to a different representative who confirmed that this donor’s sperm was a hot commodity but they expected another 25+ vials to be available soon. Kara pressed harder and was able to get the exact day and time they would be available to purchase on the site - that next Tuesday at 11:30AM.

I’m not sure what magic she worked on the rep, but he talked to his manager and worked out a deal with us to ensure we'd get the vials. We provided him with our credit card information and agreed that he would purchase 12 vials on our behalf the moment they were available on Tuesday morning.

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